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Shingle Style Residence

Shingle Style Residence

Somerville, Massachusetts

This Shingle Style house with a Dutch Colonial gambrel roof was originally built in 1897 for Walter C. Mentzer, a prominent merchant. The house occupies the crest of a hill with a broad entrance porch, supported on a stone wall with an off-center entrance stair. The intentionally informal architectural composition is counterbalanced by an octagonal tower on the southwest corner.

Previous alterations and additions were removed to restore the home to its original character while updating it with modern conveniences that are sympathetic and integral to the original architecture.

The new work includes a new 15’x15’ kitchen addition with a stair connecting to a basement office, a billiard room and wine cellar, a deck with a hot tub, a new master suite and rental apartment.

Shingle style Victorian exterior
Somerville Shingle Style kitchen addition
Somerville Shingle Style marble bathroom
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